A Visit to the Tropics in February

At the beginning of the week we visited the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow for the first time and found that all the glass houses were free to enter. I had always assumed Glasgow’s glass houses were paid entry since that is the case in Edinburgh. The tumbling greenery was beautiful. One room had a scent close to a coastal plain forest on a hot summer’s day, which made it hard to leave behind! I would very happily live in a heated greenhouse all winter long!

Tile floor in Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Orchid at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Large jade tree at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Greenhouse Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Aloe leaf at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Succulent Cactus that looks like spider at Glasgow Botanic Gardensjpg

Pitcher plants at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Stairs at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg

Glasgow Botanic Gardens.jpg



  1. They’re lovely aren’t they. My Mum and I spent a while wandering around them last June (the baby fell asleep so we kept wandering). Some fabulous flowers.

    • Yes! I can’t believe I have never been before. Somehow they are too obvious to have visited. I have added the Botanics to my mental list of things to clear the Winter blahs! : )

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