Digging Out From Winter

This weekend we took advantage of the mild and sunny weather and hit the garden. It felt so good to peel back the layers and see what we were left with. We collected, picked up, repaired and nourished. Winter visions, life lived blurry and muted as though behind ice, melted away.

We borrowed a neighbour’s ladder and brought the hedge backdown to a reasonable height…which took two days. We also: duct-taped the greenhouse back together; removed the remaining scraps of plants that had not yet decomposed (basically just cellulose) from the veggie patch and covered the patch with the manure we carted home from the local farmer in autumn 2011; trimmed the raspberries and blackberries; and, cleared the leaves up to make leaf mulch in the container that we just emptied of manure.

We haven’t gotten around to starting seeds early like last year but I dug some dirt out of the part of the patch that had defrosted in the sun so it’s a goal of this week.



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