A Eulogy for My Favourite Restaurant

Farewell, Junk Rooms

At the train station this morning, the owner of the Junk Rooms greeted us and asked if we had heard the news. They closed this past week, he said. I stared at him for a few moments hoping he was going to modify the statement that he had delivered. Unfortunately, he did not and our favourite place in Stirling is now closed. It had all too short a run, just about three years, and will be sadly missed by people of Stirling who wanted good food at a local and friendly place that was also comfortable for the occasion whether it be cocktails, music, tea drinking on a lazy afternoon, a full everyday meal, a bite to eat, or a formal meal. It was the only place in Stirling that I knew had reliable vegetarian and vegan options. It was a place where your creativity was not stifled as in many chain restaurants but was ignited by the decorations, ever changing seasonal menu or the conversations of the people around. It was a place that I honestly loved and will miss.

When we went for a date there on our 1st anniversary, we had envisioned bringing our children here in the years to come. I guess dreams like that just can’t happen in today’s economy.

Thank you Junk Rooms and all your wonderful staff for the refuge, laughter, inspiration, blueberry tea, banana-ramas (banana candy flavoured cocktails), food and the life you brought back to Stirling for the while.



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