Luck Is A Caring Stranger

Getting personal

I don’t usually write posts that have many personal identifiers in them and my real world identity is generally separate from Riotflower’s Realm. I am breaking that tradition today because some things are too personal to be kept personal. For instance, what you don’t see in this blog post is that my mom had just had a shunt put in for peritoneal dialysis when I went for the visit. This post from St. Patrick’s Day three years ago doesn’t show that my mom was offered a kidney that day. At the time, we were very hopeful that it would be the return to a healthy life but that kidney was not viable. My mom has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and it has turned a vibrant, active, creative, nurturing, community figure into a woman who goes long stretches between the good days just to be awake for the day or maybe visit family for a few hours.

Help Deb Find a kidney

My mom was at the top of recipient list until her kidneys grew so large that she did not have space to receive a kidney had one come up. She had trouble eating, breathing, walking and even sitting up because the failing kidneys were useless weights inside her. In November, she had both kidneys removed and has been in and out of the hospital since then with February being the longest stretch out of the hospital.

Thursday was World Kidney Day so my sister and I launched a facebook page to reach out to the internet. It may be a naive and hopeful thing to do, but it sure beats sending out flyers for reach. We’re hoping that someone somewhere will be inspired to get tested and actually be a match for my mom. A kidney for my mom is our central hope but we also hope to inspire others to register as donors for the organs and tissues that they can and to think about being a living donor for a kidney or liver.

This St. Patrick’s Day, three years after that first glimmer of a kidney for my mom, I know that luck is not truly serendipity but the positive thoughts and actions of a caring individual sparking a chain of events.

Please consider sharing the facebook page with anyone you know in the Eastern United States. Thank you.


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