Springtime Hopes for Equality

Last Wednesday, I sent off a consultation response to the Scottish Government on their draft Marriage and Civil Partnerships Bill for my adopted country. We now wait for them to analyse the consultations and introduce the Bill to the Scottish Parliament. While we already have immigration equality in the UK (a fortune that we never take for granted considering we would have no other country to go to), the Scottish Bill would equalize marriage for all couples and allow religious bodies who choose to conduct ceremonies and legally register the marriage the right to do so. At the moment, legal registration must be separate from any religious or belief ceremonies that same-sex couples wish to undertake. This meant that for us, we had to split the legal part and the blessing*.

Only seven days later, I hold my breath over the Supreme Court Decision in my home country on the Defence of Marriage Act: the law that means I cannot bring my wife into the USA as my spouse. In addition to immigration, there are many, many federal rights not afforded to same-sex couples in the US.

My friend Jen wrote about the many rights that she and her family (in a state that recognises same-sex marriage) are not afforded because of DOMA.

It is a hopeful and nerve-wracking time and I hope logic and equality prevail in both my countries.

*Our blessing took place at our Thanksgiving wedding, which you can read about here .
Photo from the wedding by Kat Goldin Images.



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