Gifts for Creative and Inquisitive Children

This week we went to a birthday party for three children that are creative and inquisitive. They enjoy playing outdoors, with classic toys (dress up, sticks, Lego, etc.) and lead us on adventures whenever we see them. With a busy month behind us, we could not think of the right presents to make them until we got practical and decided to top up their playdoh supply. I had made playdoh at summer camp but no longer have the recipe. The one we used looked about right.

The food coloring we used made it difficult to mix orange (it just ended up red) and purple (it belonged in a Halloween movie) so we stuck to red, yellow, green and blue. To get this green, it is best to mix blue and yellow as the bottled green is a very dark one.

We also saw a set of Wonderful World of Knowledge books and picked the five we thought they would most enjoy.



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