Weekend Through My Eyes

I have always thought of making a pinhole camera but knowing my proclivity for delaying film development for far too long, and the fact that I have a film SLR, I haven’t ever acted on the thought. This weekend I wondered if there was a pinhole camera app for my newly acquired (hand me down) smart phone to reduce my disappointment with the flatness of photos when I don’t carry my full camera. While the pixels may be increasing on phones, there is ultimately not much control over the photos, which is what inspired my search. I found ‘retro camera’ in the android store (and haven’t yet found an equivalent free app in the apple store) and what makes it different from the plethora of other programmes is that you do not add the effect afterwards but simply shoot in that mode. This app has several ‘retro’ camera settings in both colour and black and white and I have enjoyed the new challenge of a tiny, square pinhole area available for composing my shot. Although the depth of field is far too deep and the resolution is too high to look like a true pinhole, I think I’ll happily use it on those days when bringing my camera just cannot happen or when traveling to and from work. This is some of my weekend:






Check out the pinhole camera pool on Flickr for true examples of this gorgeous photography technique.




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