Bigger Me, Smaller Wardrobe

For a while, I have tried to gain a few extra pounds. At the weight I once was, I was full of muscle from a 6-day a week rowing regimen topped up with several other weight sessions. I realise that I will never have the time for that again so that muscle is not coming back. I have finally succeeded in gaining those pounds back in a different form (fat, obviously) and am a different shape from muscly me so I needed new trousers. We headed to the charity shops.

I picked up one pair of jeans that have quickly become my favourite. The were the best sort of trouser purchase because I didn’t need to hem them! Once home, it was easy to use the donation rule for new purchases when some of the trousers in my wardrobe didn’t fit and I realised how little I had ever worn the others. I had a fashion show for Honey and now have three total pairs of dress trousers, three work jeans, and another pair on probation.


Since I no longer have black trousers, I no longer needed a dress shirt I only wore with them. Over the two weekends, I found three sweaters and two tops so bringing them in required donations as well. They mostly replaced shirts that were too fussy to wear or needed too much ironing; I am trying to make my wardrobe as hassle-free as possible. With half a pile started from the direct swaps, I just kept going to edit my shirts and ended up with a black bag and a half to donate.



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