Wedding Series: Outfit Part I

I envisioned a classic yet eclectic approach to my outfit and thought a wool shawl would be the perfect compliment to the dress, my 1940s-inspired hairdo (an ode to my grandmothers), and mom’s crystal necklace. I love the simplicity of Eva’s shawl and have made it several times. 
Wedding crochet shawl on quilt by Kat Goldin Images
The yarn used was New Lanark DK wool that I loved but had never found the right project for. It matched the dress fabric and clearly waited to become a special shawl. As you can see in the super-cropped image below, I closed the shawl over with crystal-like barrettes that I thought complimented my necklace and helped to evoke a late Autumn frost.
crochet shawl front with clips by Kat Goldin Images
While the shawl had been blocked for weeks, I wove in the last end on the day of our wedding as my sister sat beside me doing a bit of sewing.
Cambuskenneth Abbey wedding portrait by Kat Goldin Images
Want to read more about our simply and handmade wedding planning? Read the introduction here. The next post will describe my handmade wedding dress.
Photos by Kat Goldin Images.

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