Wedding Series: Food and Cake

We had our civil partnership meal in 2011 at the Junk Rooms in Stirling and eventually returned to them to cater our wedding. We trusted them to create the menu that we wanted: a Thanksgiving themed buffet meal. The meal comprised turkey, pumpkin tart, cornbread, mashed sweet potatoes, succotash, cranberry sauce and a pea, onion and mushroom dish. Dessert was apple crumble.

thanksgivinng wedding meal thanksgiving wedding dessert2

thanksgiving wedding dessertIn 2011, neither Honey nor I wanted fruitcake for our civil partnership. Honey doesn’t like raisins and I never identified with the British tradition of fruit cake for weddings so I suggested we went for the traditional American pound cake. My mother in law made that cake and, topped with strawberries from our garden, it was delicious.

thanksgiving wedding cakeFor our wedding in 2012, my mother in law again offered her services and was going to make a tiered cake in three different flavours: lemon for the top cutting layer, chocolate for the middle for most guests and fruit for the bottom. I had a piece from each layer but as we took the most fruitcake home and it lasts the longest (and Honey didn’t eat any so I had it mostly to myself), I was eating it throughout the fall.  Now, when I think of our wedding or even read about wedding cakes I salivate at the thought of what has become the standard wedding cake for me; the delicious fruitcake made for us. I then realise that I am becoming more British than I ever thought I would.

Cutting Thanksgiving wedding cake by Kat Goldin ImagesWant to read more about our wedding planning? Read the introduction here. Photos by Kat Goldin Images.


  1. Yum. We too had apple crumble as dessert for our wedding – had to specify no raisins in it as I am very much not a fan.
    We had a two layer cake for our wedding – chocolate for me and fruit cake for husband. I’ve become much more fond of fruitcake since then though would probably still choose chocolate.

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