Wedding Series: Music

ceildh dancing Kat Goldin Images.jpg
A friend of mine is in a band called Movenda (pronounced ‘moy enda’) that plays a blend of traditional and folk Scottish and Malawian music. I had heard them play several years before and knew that I really liked their style so we asked them to play before our ceremony and during/after dinner. Their joyous and down to earth style suited us perfectly! We wanted a true blend of our American and Scottish identities and a ceilidh dance was just the way to start the dancing for the evening. We really enjoyed their ceilidh music and it certainly got us moving.

Movenda band by Kat Goldin images.jpg
After the ceilidh, we said goodbye to Movenda and hello to our DJ. We initially thought we would be plugging in our iPod but then we calculated the stress and cost of purchasing the songs and figuring out the order and looked around for a DJ. David Hughes is a DJ in central Scotland and we danced the night away at a function he played and we knew he was our answer. We discussed our musical style (for us, it was no swearing or sexual innuendos and aiming for uplifting music), sent him our playlist and indicated the songs we really wanted to hear and those that were banned. He was nice to work with and we enjoyed what he mixed up for us!

Movenda band by Kat Goldin Images.jpg

*stay tuned for their contact information.

Want to read more about our wedding planning? Read the introduction here. Look out for the next post on our invitations. Photos by Kat Goldin Images.


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