Wedding Series: Photography

In addition to memories, it is the artefacts from weddings (the dress hanging in the closet or guest book full of loving phrases) that allow us to access the feelings and senses from the big day. Besides scents, photographs are perhaps the most powerful memory aides.

Although I may not often capture what I see, I always try and can get frustrated when I do not have my camera to record the beauty of what strikes me. I would not have been able to relax during the wedding unless I knew that not only were there photos being taken, but that the photos were taken by a photographer trusted to get it ‘right’. A friend of mine captures the senses embedded in a scene and her photography takes my breath away. There was no other option for us; we needed her to create the photos that we would treasure. Since she was already invited to the wedding I was nervous she’d turn down being our photographer and I’d have to find a second-best, but she accepted.

Thanksgiving wedding ceremonyI had a brief chat with Kat about what we wanted, but I trusted that she understood, would follow her instincts and spend the time creating. Immediately after the wedding she sent us a few photos to choose from and we got our favourite printed as 4×6 prints, writing on the back and sending them out as thank-yous. I did not doubt that the photos would be beautiful when we received our full photo package, what she then delivered was exceptional. I LOVE our wedding photos and they bring us joy to look through.

Want to read more about our wedding planning? Read the introduction here. Look out for the next post on our invitations. Photos by Kat Goldin Images.

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