A Brief Working Holiday

I have been quiet on here while slowly catching up with myself. Earlier this month, we returned from a trip to the USA to surprise my parents. I was there for two weeks and Honey was there one: the shortest time either of us had ever spent in the country. My waking self was confused for about a week upon our return and my dreaming self lost track of the current country for another week or so.

The main reason we took the trip was to try and help my parents with the things that they were not able to keep on top of when my mom was in the hospital so often throughout the winter. We took care of the following: cleared out the fridge and cupboard; emptied my belongings from the attic; sorted through more of my childhood things, helped my mom sort through her off-season and dress clothing that are too big for her post surgery; raked leaves; took three plus car loads of things to the charity shop (my greatest accomplishment of the trip), and changed a rusty faucet (Honey’s best accomplishment from the trip).

Car load for thrift store charity shop.jpg
The old faucet was so rusty that it was impossible to keep clean, only leaking more rusty water out of the back immediately after cleaning. Now that the tap is easy to keep clean and it turns on gently, my mom (she has since told us) loves to use that bathroom for the first time in over five years.

New faucet.jpg
In between these things, we managed to spend a lot of time with my family and had a lovely and relaxing time.



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