Travelling and events are easier on my parents if there are others involved because my dad can tire quickly when pushing my mom’s wheelchair. Knowing this, and wanting to do something special when we were over, my mom suggested a trip to the national aquarium in Baltimore. I hadn’t been there in years and was excited to experience it again with my parents and wife.

My favourite part? The Jellyfish! There was a full room with different tanks of jellyfish, presented with a gentle music track that made me think that Pink Floyd or the Moody Blues would begin singing at any moment. When I think about it now, I hear the beginning of Obscured By Clouds.

The effect was an entirely calming experience. I could have sat in that room on a bean bag for hours. Instead, I exercised my shutter and manual settings until Honey came to retrieve me. My parents had fallen asleep while waiting for me to come out of the area.

Jellyfish at Baltimore Aquariumjpg
Some tanks were rounded and I could not figure out how to get a reflection-free shot, but these beauties were in a flat fronted tank with artificially blue walls for gorgeous colour contrast.

I don’t know if they’re my favourite because I continued with them until I got good shots, or if I got some good shots because they were my favourite. Either way, the whole experience relaxed me on a deeper level.

Jellyfish at Baltimore aquarium.jpg
I had Trip the Light playing on repeat that morning and these graceful animals reminded me to leave the stress of winter and spring behind to ‘trip the light and break the night’ with Honey.


  1. These are gorgeous! We went to the aquarium when we were in Baltimore for Nationals in high school–and guess what? I got socks with JELLYFISH on them! They’ve since gone hole-y 😦

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