Celebrating July

I went out back yesterday morning before work because the sun was shining on the fresh-with-rain plants and the raspberries sparkled. The air smelled wonderfully sweet; I thought of summer. Once I opened the door to smell that scent I have yearned for, I turned around to grab my camera. My lunch was already packed so I could spare a few minutes.

Raspberry plant in morning dew and sunlight.jpg
I am practicing backlit shots and stole a few moments of concentration and appreciation. I only put the lens hood on halfway through the shots when I noticed the fuzzy (and not pretty like rainbows) sun spots. I hope we get a few more beautiful mornings (and days!) when I’m off next week because I would love to commune with the morning stillness.

raspberry plant in morning dew and sunlightjpg
Tonight after work, I found that the wild strawberries had flushed with excitement for the 4th of July and we picked them for dessert.

wild strawberry plant and strawberries.jpg
Although I worked today, I felt more free this 4th than I have for years: I finally have the civil right to bring my wife home to my country and to dream of a holiday in the future in which she is a dual citizen.



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