Midweek Weekend

Our anniversary was Monday and Honey and I celebrated this by having a midweek weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday. We hit the weather jackpot, with gorgeously warm and sunny days. We spent the ‘weekend’ together outside. On Tuesday night, I had several grateful moments that summarised our two days and also our two years. 1) Me standing by the fire pit playing guitar, while Honey chopped wood and the cats ran around the garden.

2) Being able to offer fresh garden strawberries to the neighbours who dropped over to chat around the fire.

3) Honey and me singing campfire songs with the guitar alone in the vegetable jungle of our castle.

4) Sitting together around the camp fire for hours as the sun set and it grew dark (near midnight) while telling stories, sitting in pleasant silence or giggling hysterically. Just being together and taking time out to enjoy and appreciate our lives.



  1. Mawaaah. Miss you whole bunches. Sorry did not get card out… It will be very late. Lots of Love to my daughters.

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