Bumblebees in Our Garden

Before we went on holiday, I spent some time snapping photos of the bees in our front yard. At the time, they were enjoying the lavender, crocosmia, mallow and black eyed susans. The asters are open now and will be in bloom for the next few weeks. According to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust‘s identification information, we have four types of bees (besides the Tawny mining bee in our yard:

White Tailed bumblebee (yellow stripe on abdomen) and Garden bumblebee (yellow stripe between thorax and abdomen)

Common Carder bee and Red Tailed bumblebee.



    • Haha, I will. The bumblers are not interested in people, just the plant nectar. I never make them feel threatened so we’re good. It’s the wasps you have to look out for!

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