Potato Harvest

This year’s potatoes were chitted from two varieties from our veg box. We successfully chitted around 4-5 potatoes of about 7-8. We planted them in two grow bags and in the yard. We went ahead and used the bags so we didn’t waste the seed potatoes but next year we should just dedicate more garden patch to them and shift something else to the grow bags. Like last year, we had a much better harvest from the ground (the bigger bowl).
The first full week into September is becoming our time to harvest potatoes. This is when the main plant is still mostly green, but flopping all over the patio or garden bed. Honey and I had a fantastic time searching for the potatoes in the garden bed; she would fork over a plant and it would like like a treasure chest below! We’d excitedly scramble to pick them up and place them in the bowl (many times we shouted, almost incredulously, ‘potato’!) before rustling in the top layers of soil. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning!




    • Thank you! We’re very pleased with it. If you’re in the same neighbourhood (and I think you may be), the soil is very healthy and great for things you plant and ignore like potatoes! : )

      • Oh that’s a shame! Not even a small spot by the door for a bag? But yes, I definitely recommend them for a first gardening year!

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