The Apple Wine Hopes of a Neighbourhood

Last weekend when we had visitors, we took a trip to the local apple tree and picked about half a bag. I sat on Honey’s shoulders, directing her around to the best branches and our guests picked from the lower branches and the windfall.

foraged apples.jpg
The next night as we washed dishes and prepared dinner, our neighbour across the street linked me with the neighbour next door to him who had apples he wanted to give away. I brought a plastic bag over and went though with him. As we put apples into the bag, I looked around and saw that he had three buckets of green apples, but only one green apple tree: the other tree had a few red apples. The green tree we stood under was practically still full as well! I remarked that there were a lot of apples from one tree and he shook the tree to send apples pouring down around us (my neighbour even got clunked on the head by an apple- I wish I had had warning to film it!). I ended up leaving that evening with a bag and a bucket. We think they are granny smiths. We realised we needed to think about making apple wine in Honey’s new fermenter so we chopped the apples a few nights later.

cooking apples from a neighbour's tree.jpg
After the apples were weighed (around 23 Lbs), washed, chopped and in the bucket, another neighbour stopped by this weekend with a bucket of cooking apples after seeing our photo uploads on Facebook. I had recycled all the small jars over the summer because I didn’t think we would have the time to do any ‘jamming’ this fall so these apples will probably make it into the freezer for winter treats.

Apples from neighbour's tree.jpg
With all this neighbourhood sharing of apples, we hope our first ever wine works so that we can share it back next year!

foraged apples from an apple tree.jpg


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