Wardrobe Simplification

I reviewed my wardrobe again and pared it down. My body has changed shape/size a bit recently again so I donated some dress trousers and a few shirts. There is still one shirt in this lineup that is too short and I am doing a bit of sewing to replace it.

Wardrobe Simplification, Riotflower's Realm
I picked up this wool skirt for £4.30, which is great for dressier occasions with tights and my vegan boots!

Wardrobe Simplification, Riotflower's Realm
Finally, I restocked my flagging trouser situation by scoring all three pairs in the same charity shop. I find getting trousers to fit (not to mention finding ones that are not ‘skinny leg’) in the UK much harder than I did when living in the US. It seems that if my body is a bit more, uh, ample in one area then the only option is to go up a waist size most of the time. This doesn’t work for me so finding three pairs on one day was a true score! The black pair is for play and the other two are for work.

Wardrobe Simplification, Riotflower's Realm


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