Yoga Mat Bag

I finally made something from start to finish! Yoga has been a real refuge as of late and I knew it was time to make a bag and bring my mat to class instead of using the communal mats. I love this bag- it is green, has enough space to carry yoga clothes and the strap detaches to become a long fabric strap for further yoga stretching (the metal pieces are attached to the bag).

Yoga Mat Bag, Riotflower's Realm.
I brought this beautiful fabric out from my stash, given to me by a friend ages ago and patiently waiting for the perfect project, and began! I also used a zipper (aim for one almost as long as the mat ideally, or longer than half the length) and two charity shop belts. I measured a large rectangle for the main part of the bag (not including the end fabric) as 26in long, 16.5in wide, and finished strap width of 4cm.

To make the bag: Fold the fabric around your mat and make a note of how far in to hem the edges. Hem edges, sew in zipper, and then create the short loops for metal belt ends. Cut a circle to fit into the ends (I measured around 6in but then used a bowl for tracing), pinning the small ends of the ‘strap’ in between main tube and end circles. Turn bag right side out to check. Create long strap (mine is around 6 feet or so and the ends dangle when attached to the bag), making sure it fits into the belt hardware and is long enough to carry the bag and be useful for your yoga practice.

I am really proud of many things in this bag, like the full pattern used across the back of the bag (in the top photo). Other things I’m proud of are the clean zipper insert…

Yoga Mat Bag, Riotflower's Realm.
the matched fabric where the zipper ended…

Yoga Mat Bag, Riotflower's Realm.
the clean seams…

Yoga Mat Bag, Riotflower's Realm.
the straps (shown double to emphasise the pattern)…

Yoga Mat Bag, Riotflower's Realm.
and how I attached them at each end.

Yoga Mat Bag, Riotflower's Realm. www.riotflower.wordpress.comNote to self on the photos: the camera’s auto white balance made things a bit too grey. I photographed in the shadows so switched the white balance to shadows. On the review screen, it looked right. On the larger computer screen, the photos ended up looking yellowed and pale and losing the deep green.



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