Handmade Christmas Gifts 2013

This year for Christmas, we made up pamper kits with rice heat/cold packs, homegrown sage and rosemary, lavender whipped coconut oil body butter and mint-chocolate coco butter lotion/massage bars. We also mixed up three colours of play dough for a two year old cousin. Using the pinking blade on my rotary cutter, I cut squares of fabric for wrapping. I wanted daytime photos, but I didn’t have the chance to take them before gifting.

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2013For the lotion bars, we used this recipe and sweet almond oil instead of the vitamin E oil. We scented it with peppermint essential oil. For a bowl of about 25 fl oz, we used 10-12 drops of essential oil.

The whipped body butter came from this recipe (again made with sweet almond oil instead of vitamin E oil) and was made with lavender essential oil. We ordered the jars at the Bottle Company South and the ingredients from the Amazon seller ‘Naissance‘.

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