Best Gift Ever

Honey and I have two candles lit right now: one for a man who lost his life yesterday and one for his family. We do not know him, but he was caring enough to want to give someone the most precious gift.

Best Gift Ever: Organ Donation, Riotflower's Realm
I am still tying to believe the past 24 hours. Yesterday evening, I received a text saying that there was a possible kidney match available for my mom. I tried to not get my hopes up because we had been to that stage before with the kidneys turning out to be non-viable.

Late last night, I got the update that the harvest was going ahead and the ‘game on’ text arrived this morning. Fourteen long hours after she headed to the hospital, she is in recovery with two kidneys in her body! We now have to pray that her body accepts them so that my parents can move beyond the mere survival that has characterized their lives over the past five years.

Our thoughts are with the family who has lost a loved one and we are so thankful to him for choosing to give the precious gift of organs.

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