Reclaimed Tee Shirt

I’ve had a Philadelphia Eagles shirt tucked away for the last six months or so, after it stopped fitting me well. As the US sports season turned from baseball to football, I missed seeing the change reflected in the clothing of those around me and I began to think about pulling the shirt out again.

Fortunately, the shirt was short not tight so a quick refashion solved this. Using a discarded grey shirt from Honey’s drawer, I set to work. I used the sleeves and about four inches from the bottom to extend the Eagles shirt with a layered style.

Once I had done that, I took the leap and decided to reverse appliqué the logo in order to bring more grey into the overall look. I sewed two layers of stitches around the logo: one just outside the image and the other almost an inch away. This created the grey band you see, appearing as the second shirt. I’m really glad I went for it because I’m very happy with the final result!

If you haven’t done reverse appliqué before, it is basically sewing your choice fabric behind the main fabric and then cutting through to reveal the fabric you’ve added. Here are some good directions from Instructables.



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