More Wardrobe Refinement

I’ve done some further wardrobe refinement over the last month or so. I found a dressy peacoat to replace the one I outgrew, which I had only recently passed on to a charity chop. I also picked up two more tops for the office.

The photos of the red shirt are actually from the charity shop as I tried it on, hence the ugly lighting. The construction of the neck and sleeves is really neat, with horizontal pleats; I asked Honey to snap the shots with the idea that I might use it for inspiration. She talked some sense into me and encouraged me to just buy it. I dumped two shirts in exchange.

The black one replaces what was my only remaining iron-free shirt for the office. When I removed the worn lace from my previously refashioned shirt, I realized that the shirt itself was a little snug now so I let it go too.

As you may have noticed, a lot of my posts have been about finding clothes that fit and letting go of those that don’t. My body changed in several ways since October and now I find myself just differently shaped. My shoulders, ribs and hips demand just a bit more space than they used to. After 3+ months of this shape, I accept that it is not temporary and have set out to make sure I am happy wearing my clothes.

Aside from filling up another three charity shop bags, one step in this was finding two basic blazers to build from. I did have to resort to store-bought and somewhat boring black and navy ones to replace my lovely green, but at least now I have blazers I can cross my arms in! I brought two in and donated three, which made me pleased with the deal.


    • Thank you! I’m trying to remind myself to not save it for ‘special occasions’ but to just enjoy it.

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