Creating Doesn’t Have to Mean New

I like to create. I also have a need to create. I can quiet this during the work week by doing my job, but it strikes hard on the weekends. It would be mild to say that this need is often desperate. I fill my weekends with expectations and feel unaccomplished if I haven’t created several new things. These ‘things’ do not have to be material, just something new; a rearranged room, a system organised, plans finalised, or images captured.

This weekend, for instance, I messed up a shirt I was sewing and then spent the evening attempting to make something. This wasn’t really accomplished.

While I produced nothing material or creative on Saturday, I realise that my weekend has been productive in ways that I need to recognise more often.

Today, the rain stopped for a few hours and that gave us the opportunity to get outside and clear up the garden. The fresh air and actual sunshine gave me a new perspective.

This perspective allowed me to see that while I may not have completed any sewing as planned, we have been very productive this weekend. We ordered seeds, a new green house, scrubbed a table, had meaningful conversations and time together, and did several chores. Honey plotted our garden plan, I fixed a run in tights, wove in the ends of a long-promised (and uh, long-lost) crochet facecloth, and snipped the elastic shirring out of a tunic to give it more breathing space.

Tiny actions can be very meaningful.

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