First Batch of Spring Seeds

We planted seeds on Sunday night. Although the weather was miserable, it felt good to get one step closer to sitting outside and eating our own produce.

We have some regular F1, sterile, store-bought seeds still left over and have planted some of them but are focusing on real seeds this year. Real seeds that are either heritage varieties or not sterile so that we can build our seed story year after year. We ordered the new seeds from the Organic Catalogue and the Real Seed Catalogue. We were really impressed with the care that went into personalising our order from the Real Seed Catalogue. We received a print out with our list of seeds, and instructions for seed saving for each of those plants.

We planted:

Snow peas (F1, 10 seeds)
Kelvendon wonder peas (F1, 10 seeds)
Asparagus pea (real, 1 seed)
Purple climbing bean (real, 5 seeds)
Latah tomatoes (real, 4 seeds)
Wautoma cucumber (real, 4 seeds)
Boothby’s Blonde cucumber (real, 4 seeds)
King of the North bell pepper (real, 4 seeds)


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