What’s Growing

Happy March! This month can never come soon enough for me because winter in Scotland is HARD. We finally leave the house in the morning and leave work at night (leaving on time) in the light. Over the month of February, we gained two hours of daylight.

Because of this drastic change in light, things are springing to life. The seedlings we planted last week are getting off to a good start…

and some things have reappeared in the garden.




spinach beet

We put up the greenhouses (we have a bonus one!) this weekend and are looking forward to filling them up with the more delicate crops of eggplant, cucumber, and peppers.

new greenhouses

Gosh, I love spring bulbs!

I have decided to start proactively rooting cuttings from plants. My mom and dad have a wonderful kitchen windowsill that is constantly occupied by jars of things sprouting and rooting and that is my inspiration for expanding our garden and house plants. I plan on taking cuttings of our lavender, sage and rosemary to add to our aging bushes so I thought I would try first with two incidental plants.

My neighbour has a tall plant with yellow flowers and has told me that I can take cuttings when it is in bloom, so I snipped some to root instead in hopes that we can plant it under our tree. I also took some cuttings of ivy. Although I head off the ivy as it creeps into our yard each year, it is on the NASA top ten list for indoor plants (I’m working to collect them all) so I thought I’d try bringing it in! I put some honey at the bottom of the jar to dip the exposed stem in as I added each cutting, and then just topped it up with water.



    • Haha, well they’re not growing very quickly right now but I’m sure they’ll pick up the pace when it warms up! : 9

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