Bags and Bags of Bulbs!

On Friday after work, I brought a pack of wildflower seeds across the street to neighbours. I had found an envelope from our wedding favours and thought they would like them. They had been about to come across and ask if I wanted any snowdrops. They were converting an area of their garden and were sharing the bulbs out. After I had a bag, they said that they were going to have to ditch the rest but didn’t want to. I said that I would take more and share them with people, so I left with two bags.

I was also sent away with a clump of wood anemone that had been hidden under another plant and some other bulbs that I was told may be lilies.

Before I started to plant, I knocked on doors to see if others wanted any. The little farmer from next door helped me with this. We managed to share bags of snowdrops with six other neighbours!
When we returned from those deliveries, I found yet another bag of bulbs with a note saying that it contained bluebells and daffodils! Now, I have a few daffodils out front but have been thinking about how I would like some in the back. Similarly, I’ve thought about how long it would take the current clump of snowdrops to grow enough to spread around the yard. And bluebells? Well, I love them! My goal is to fill the front yard with a succession of bulbs and herbs and to stage a woodland-type area under the tree in the back.

My young neighbour and I planted a few things in the back and then he headed headed home. I continued to plant the bulbs out front and in the back and we now have a much more balanced ‘woodland’ area. I can’t wait to see how it develops!
I was very thankful to receive such an amazing gift from neighbours and to be able to share some with others. The surprise that met us from some neighbours tells me that there needs to be a bit more sharing that goes on in this area so I look forward to the next thing we can spread around!




  1. It is wonderful that you are sharing and bringing your community together. It helps make a great & safe neighborhood. 🙂 It is an art that has fallen by the wayside… Kudos to you kiddo… 🙂

    • Thanks!

      I remember you walking around and sharing house plants and introducing people.

      Our neighbourhood generally has veins of people that know each other and socialize…connections that they’ve come into through families and such. Since we don’t have family in the neighbourhood and are fairly new, we have the opportunity to cross-cross those lines.

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