Nuts About Soapnuts

Although I’ve made homemade laundry detergent several times over the years, it is just too hard to find the right ingredients near us. Borax is no longer carried in regular supermarkets and plain soap is difficult to find. On top of that, I have come close to breathing in soap dust too many times after grating it for mixing. I’ve tried both dry and liquid homemade detergents. Now, we’ve found something even better: soap nuts. I’m even prouder to say that Honey initiated this one!

We ordered our bag from Salveo Wellness and have been using them happily for about three weeks. They are so easy to use: put a few shells into a muslin bag and chuck that in the washing machine. Your clothes come out smelling clean and fresh without sickly perfumes. If you like your laundry to smell like something other than fresh air, Honey has added some essential oils to the wash a few times and that works fine.
After years of choosing chemical-free body products, I am glad to have gone back to chemical free laundry.


  1. I was wondering, how long do they last?
    Can you get more than one load out of them?
    Might try them, instead of Bronner’s soaps.
    I use to make homemade laundry soap out of Borax. A & H washing soda, and Ivory soap flakes or Fels Napa shavings. Miss being able to do this… maybe I can get back to it. I love reading your block. So creative. and you write your stories so well.

    • Thanks!

      We can’t get those soaps here and borax is now hard to get.

      You use about 4-5 half shells for a light load and about 6-8 for dirtier loads. If a bag has been used once, we generally put it in with another bag that has been used once for that load. After that we compost them.

      There will be a lot of loads in the big bag that we ordered.

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