Lost on an Island

After I booked a long weekend off work, Honey started to make secret plans. She took us away to the Isle of Arran and planned the perfect balance of adventure and time to go with our whims: from organised trail rides and spa treatments to hanging out in our B&B listening to Wicked before bed and goofing around on the mini golf course. I put my phone on flight mode for the weekend (it still served as a camera during several activities) and the more we lost ourselves in the weekend, the more we found.

walking through gorse on Arran, Scotland.jpg
I recorded a few soundscapes from the weekend, linked here. Starting with the overwhelming chatter of the crowded ferry (matching my thoughts over the past few weeks), moving on to the calm found in moments along the way. The birds on Fisherman’s Walk in Brodick, the clip clip of the horses, the waves, and the babbling birds and creek along Glen Dubh all fill my memories and will serve as reminders of calm.

horseback riding on Arran, Scotland.jpg


One comment

  1. Glad you had a great time. I goofed around on the mini golf course there once too!!! 🙂

    I love that you included sounds clips. Rory especially liked the birds… he stopped grooming himself and stalked the laptop.

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