Moving On

I started this cabled cardigan in March. March 2013, that is! I started it immediately after receiving my copy of Crochet at Play and it travelled to the US with me for holiday last year.

When I arrived, I realised that I hadn’t brought any additional yarn with me, so it sat. When we came back home, I worked on it casually.

I tried to complete it to gift to several people over the summer. Each time I had the clear intent of giving it away, I could not find it. It reappeared in October and I realised that I needed to keep it. I finished crocheting it and knitted the Pebble vest from a different colourway.

Both have sat in my drawer since then; complete and blocked but avoided. I finally dug them both out and sewed on the buttons. It is time to move on.



  1. The blue one is beautiful…
    The green one seems like it would keep a wee one very comfy…
    I love the warmth and freedom of vest.
    BoBo… I miss seeing him jumping off the diving board with his buddy… 🙂

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