Big Woodland Event

Yesterday we headed to Bridge of Allan for ‘The Big Woodland Event’, put on by Transition Stirling.

We ran in to many friends and acquaintances and chatted away, picked up wildflower seeds from On the Verge, listened to some music, saw a variety of wood-based creations and uses…

made a bird box with Stepin’ Stones, went on an edible wilds walk guided by a Stirling Council Ranger who then fed us various delicious foraged foods (elderflower cordial, wild garlic mayo, and elderberry vinegar glaze)…

20140518-210959.jpg and took a workshop with Green Aspirations Scotland during which we learned to use a shave horse and carve wooden spatulas!

The event packed up around us as we worked to finish our spatulas (some further refinement required) and we headed with a friend to her house nearby for some tea.
It was a wonderful day.


    • Me too! I think we’re really lucky with the range of environmental charities in Stirling and I love when a few of them get together!

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