Ground Eggshells

Two years after we built the raised beds, the slugs have really made their way back to the garden. We’ve already lost three zucchini plants in the ground and suspiciously (although not the first year), marigolds which are supposed to deter slugs. The zucchini got chomped because it was pretty wet and I didn’t go out to sprinkle fresh eggshells for a few days.

We had stacks of shells saved and I ground two jar’s worth as a reminder to use our supplies. After all, they always say that ‘a shell in the jar is worth it for slugs, but a shell on the ground is worth a pound of produce’. Yeah, I’m sure they say that somewhere…!


    • I don’t think we can return ours. They don’t come from the farm where we get our veggies, they are the midpoint so I don’t know if they’d send the cartons back. I should ask.

  1. Hello,
    We have problems with slugs too. We tried many things :ashes (ineffective) , salt (bad for plants),coffee grind (ineffective), beer (effective but disgusting).

    So far the best way to get rid of slugs was to go out in the garden at night with a torch , pick them up and throw them in a empty field far away. Efficient, easy but not very nice, we don’t want to spend our free time at night this way !

    So I’m going to try your tip ! Thank you.

    • Hi Pivoine,

      Good luck with the egg shells. They soften over time (especially after rain) so you’ll need to keep applying.

      We put the slugs and snails we see into the back lane but have never had a nighttime safari!

      I don’t use beer because I would rather deter them than kill them, but I’ve read that cornmeal is also a good trap if bloated slug is too disgusting for you.

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