Wardrobe for June- August

I really liked how simple getting dressed was with my reduced wardrobe from March-May. I’ve tucked away my heavier layers and also reduced the number of components. I had 11 shirts and 5 layers last time, this time I’m going with 7 tops and 4 layers. I chose 7 so that it was a bit more than a work week to give me time to have a few washed to iron. I think if I had 4 out of 5 shirts that didn’t need to be ironed, I could even pare it down to 5 shirts.

Wardrobe for June-August

Going through my wardrobe to pack the rest away, I donated a top that I felt was too short and a pair of jeans. I added a pair of trousers to my wardrobe this time, having found a pair of blue linen ones that now fit when they didn’t at the beginning of March. Not counting my jewellery, I have about 26 items for the next three months. As per the Project 333 rules, this doesn’t count work out gear or pyjamas. I haven’t included my non- work clothes which consist mainly of a few tees and a hoodie. I’ll be reviewing these soon.

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