Yogurt, Finally

My mom always made yogurt in thermoses when we were little and made it look easy. After trying several times in Scotland without a thermos and getting frustrated with the fails, I thought maybe it was harder than it looked. In our stores we can buy plain, organic, whole milk, live yogurt, but only ever two of the options at once. On top of that, the packaging is not recyclable nor is it very re-usable for anything besides planting seedlings.
Wanting to get around this, I have tried making yogurt on the stove and wrapping it in hot water bottles and towels, placing it in the oven or by a radiator and these all resulted in nothing more than strange milk. I finally thought to look up crockpot yogurt and that was the trick! Instead of a thin steel layer between the yogurt and the air, the crockpot ceramic keeps it warm enough as it cools to give the bacteria time to thrive. Two weeks ago, I made my first batch of yogurt and made it again last week.

I didn’t add in any powdered milk to thicken it so it came out as drinking yogurt. I thought that I would change that for the second batch, but we have really enjoyed having the yogurt to drink each day. It is mild and creamy. I’ve been packing it in a small kilner jar and with canned fruit and Honey has been drinking it mixed with cinnamon and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

When I get some new muslin, I’ll drain a batch for Greek yogurt and see how that turns out.

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