Purple Pole Beans

The rain finally stopped and on the way to the compost bin, I was surprised to see that our purple pole beans (Cosse Violette) were ready. The deep stalks dripping from the post made me do a double take until I realised that they were mature pods. Like a lot of our new varieties this year, these are from real seeds.


The ‘vines’ you see running horizontally along the top of the bean poles, are from the blackberry which has decided to grow 13-15 feet sideways. I’ll need to look into excessive branch growth and see what we can do about it.


    • Thank you, we are too! I am still blown away by the tomatoes! I am getting nervous about being able to save the seeds though.

      I was surprised at how purple they ended up. They started off sort of purple but largely green when they were smaller.

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