August Garden Update

In our garden, some things are slowing down (we took half of the pea plants out last week because they hadn’t flowered for weeks and were dying back), others are in the middle of their production, and others have now gone to seed. The sweet peas have all ‘podded up’ and the calendula is still flowering alongside the seed heads. I didn’t use any flowers this summer because I was focused on ensuring that we had enough seeds for next year but they were prolific flowerer and seeders. Since I’ve already tucked at least a pack of calendula seeds away, I may make some calendula tea soon.

The chard is having mixed success, with some plants taking off and others staying quite small.

I thought the asparagus peas were near their end a week or so ago and so we’ve let two pods stay on the plant to seed. Checking it again today, I see that they’re still flowering and there are a few new small pods on the plant so we may be going for a bit longer. Next year we’ll definitely plant more of these.

The blackberries are producing like crazy, which is good because the wasps are certainly taking their share! This year, I’ve been able to pick a large handful at a time in addition to picking a few when I walk by. The blackberry canes that we trimmed off in the spring have begun growing again so although they didn’t seem to ever root, I’ve stuck them in the ground under the mother plant in hopes of more productive canes next year.


The amaranth continues to reach for the clouds and is a couple feet taller than this photo taken earlier in the summer…

and the quinoa is looking close to harvest. I check it every few days and, after getting a few seeds in my hand, I thought that yesterday was harvest day. I grabbed a paper bag and shook the top into the bag but only managed to loosen up a few bugs.

The brassica cage that Honey created this spring has been a wonder. With strawberry netting, the bees and hoverflies can zoom in and out to search (fruitlessly) for nectar, but it has kept the butterflies out!



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