New Eagles Hoodie

In the spring, along with my Project 333 focus on my wardrobe, I realised that I had stopped wearing my current hoodie. It was grey and so it just didn’t give me the lift I wanted on dull days and it sat shorter on me than when I first got it. I thought that it was time to move on. Since it was from my university here, I thought that my little sister might like it so I passed it on to her when we were over visiting. During a trip to a charity shop in the US, I focused on looking for the tank tops/ singlets for Honey that we went for and also looked for a hoodie for myself. In the back of my mind I thought that it would be nice to pick up one with a Philadelphia sports team, but found myself looking for green, blue or purple. As we were drawing our shopping to a close, I thought ‘well, maybe I’ll find a hoodie somewhere else’ and I wandered to the men’s section (I usually look in women’s, juniors or boy’s) and saw a green hoodie.

I saw that it was also an Eagles hoodie and quickly took it from the hanger to try on, thinking that it would be too big. I scrambled to a mirror and tried it on and the moment it was in place, I let out an audible ‘yes’; it fit perfectly, is very cosy, was in great condition and cost $3! On top of that, what makes me love it, is the fact that it is within my colour palette and is a reminder of my PA home. After wearing it for weeks, and finally looking at a photo of the hoodie, I see why it was barely worn and in the charity shop: the NFL logo is crooked. Not that I care one bit, but I think that may have helped me score this beauty considering the ones I was using for inspiration before our trip cost at least forty bucks. All in all, I feel properly prepared for the fall now that I have a warmer layer to cheer on my home team from afar (read: not watching a single game but being happy to know that the season is happening)!


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