I often think about kitchen aprons- when washing dishes, cooking with oil, or gathering from the garden. I have thought about wanting an apron since we had this place that feels like a home. I have no idea why it took me so long to finally think of actually making one for us, other than the fact that I thought of it as a luxury and generally only take the time to make things that we ‘need’. This time around, I also remembered to use fabric that we like rather than just saving that for gifts.
I used an adjustable apron tutorial for some of the measurements, but modified the top width and the length. It was designed for women who share their homes with taller men. As two short women, we don’t need that.


I made it double sided, added a top pocket, and made the neck band an adjustable length by making one side button-on. I kinda love it. I wear it every day to do dishes, have used it for cooking and gathering aprons full of produce…exactly as I imagined I would.

My learning:
1. Make ‘unnecessary’ luxuries for us too
2. Use fabric we will like
3. Sew slowly enough to do in well, even if it is not a gift (do you see a theme here?)
4. Take the time to modify it to match how we will wear or use it. Before tucking in the second side of the neck strap, I decided on a button. I had to unpick about two inches (big deal!) before finishing that top. I also shortened the bottom by about 4 inches. It feels right like this so we’re more likely to use it.


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