My Blue Suede Boots are Made for Walkin’

As my black vegan boots are still out of commission while I figure out how to bring them back to a wearable standard, I have been pondering what to wear with skirts as the weather turns cold. A trip to the charity shop showed me that I just needed to pick up another pair. While they are suede and therefore not a material I would ever encourage the production of, my £8.99 went to a charity and kept the boots out of the landfill. When I almost adopted a pair of my mom’s old leather shoes in the summer, I realised that I am okay with second hand leather (aka ‘meat products’) because the leather industry does not benefit in any way and I keep the item in use. The original sticker was still on the sole and besides the small dirt spot you see prior to treatment, they appear almost new.

second hand blue suede boots second hand blue suede bootsYou should know that I searched high and low online for a Blue Suede Shoes/Boots Are Made For Walking mash-up but, sadly, I could not find one.



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