Handmade Christmas Gifts 2014

The gifts we made this year were our favorites so far, I think because we discussed, considered and tested before deciding on the final products. Our family received a selection of:

Hand salve from ‘Crunchy Betty’ (in one of three scents: lemon rosemary; cinnamon orange; bergamot, cedar wood and rosemary). The scents took us quite a while to decide and agree on for each recipient. We researched ‘manly’ essential oils because we thought that this would be important to a few of the recipients and both the lemon rosemary and the three oil blend were listed. I love the bergamot, cedar wood and rosemary in the bath! This balm feels wonderful and it is also great for lips and any other dry parts. The jar with the purple fabric is a large batch labelled as belly balm made without essential oils for my pregnant sister in law. For the belly balm, we halved the olive oil with added almond oil for its additional benefits.

Peppermint lip balm from Essentially Eclectic. We initially tested a different recipe that was a more basic coconut oil base which felt too thin and not protective enough but we are very happy with this recipe.

Lemon sugar scrub from Stephanie Lynn to which I also added lemon essential oils.

And chocolate covered espresso beans (melted the chocolate and dipped in the beans before placing them on parchment paper to cool)

Not pictured is arthritis oil made from almond oil, and eucalyptus and peppermint oils for a grandparent.
We even made half of these gifts on the camp stove when our kitchen stove wouldn’t turn on!


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