Baby Blanket and Matching Bandana Bib

A friend is due this week with her second baby. Her favourite colour is red and she likes bright and colorful things so I went with a primary triad. There are three times as many yellow stitches as there are red (excluding the edging) and three times as many blue as there are yellow. I liked how this tied together well using the same edging colour as the shortest colour section. Originally, I planned on backing the crochet blanket with the fabric like I’ve seen online but then got cold feet when I feared ruining the blanket by stitching on the fabric.

I thought of making a small teething toy with the fabric but then came across the idea of a bandana bib and picked up some red flannel for the back (to ensure that it is absorbent). I sewed a version of See Kate Sew’s bandana bib, which was the best one I found as it required measuring rather than printing a pattern.

20150118-151229.jpg The pattern says to sew on the snaps after it is sewn together but I wanted the knot inside so I left each end open until the snaps were secured then hand stitched the rest closed. It was a bit of pain and I may add a button hole instead of snaps after stitching it all closed the next time I make it. I’ll have to wait to hear the feedback of anyone using it, but the bandana bibs online are adorable!


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