Digging for Spring

To allow for an ipad update, I needed to find 5GB of space. I hadn’t bothered with the update for two months but finally acceded when my FaceTime app no longer connected for conversations. After deleting a few unwanted items, I was faced with 5GB of photos standing between me and the update. It took a few weeks, but I deleted, assessed, backed up, and made decisions about what was worthy of keeping around and what had only stayed as a result of emotional attachment (i.e. those not very good photos that I kept because I didn’t want to let go of an image not captured). Finally, I got through the files and had the vastness before me.

The update, like so many in life, was a bit uncomfortable; it looked different than expected and some old favourites went (they discontinued iphoto, which I used to edit photos). Still, space developed to allow for beautiful things (a renewed facetime that I have used to chat to my sister for 3 hours; space for yoga and photography magazines from the library). This kickstarted my spring cleaning.

The snowdrops have been up for two weeks and this week I drew back the leaves from our ‘woodland’ area to make space for the other bulbs to blossom. I’m always fascinated by the pale green shoots that have fought their way upward and pleased in the knowledge that access to light will fortify them. I’ve also turned this energy to the periphery of my life’s garden and am focusing on clearing out more and more of what I don’t need: clutter, ‘just in case’ items, and fear and doubt. We let go of the lampshades from our Civil Partnership meal that we tried and failed many times to find a way to use, and I released a batik skirt I used to love so that it can be loved by someone new. I am reexamining what we may be keeping out of habit or because we passively ‘like’ it. The space left behind may look different than I expect it to but I look forward to the beauty that may unfold in the emptiness.



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