Valentine’s Day Date

When I asked Honey on a date for Valentine’s Day, I kept the plans secret. I wanted to surprise her with the sort of day that we would have on holiday. When we go away together, we enjoy not being connected to the Internet, seeing some sites through geocaching (which does involve some connectivity), visiting historic or artistic locations, and trying out the food.

Bridge statute near Kelvingrove Park

Bridge statute near Kelvingrove Park

To create this, I took Honey ‘away for the day’ to Glasgow. I wrote about the city and the sites that we would visit in the itinerary as though it were a completely new city for us. The bonus was that we were in an entirely new part of the city for Honey. We started the day with geocaching through Kelvingrove Park, went in to the Kelvingrove museum and gallery for a picnic lunch and photo scavenger hunt, then finished the day off with a trip to the Bier Halle for pizza and a selection of imported beers (one of Honey’s Favourite things to sample abroad).

Fountain in Kelvingrove Park

The geocaching took us through Kelvingrove Park to learn about the historical figures commemorated there. It was a nice wander outside and something Honey really loves. The cache we were looking for had a series of clues that we would need to decode and then find the final cache. We found out towards the end that the actual cache had been removed, but the walk was enjoyable.

Organ at Kelvingrove

Egyptian god at Kelvingrove

Egyptian mummy at Kelvingrove

The indoor picnic was a nice bit of downtime, finished off by an organ concert in the Kelvingrove’s main hall. Turning to the scavenger hunt, we had five serious Valentine’s Day clues such ‘Venus’ and ‘the weirdest heart piece’ and three humorous ones like ‘a prepper’s dream’. With our separate index cards, we wandered the gallery together, pointing out things of interest while also giggling as we snapped up a find or in response to the puzzled look of the other. Eight was the perfect number of clues and Honey remarked that we should make a themed hunt a gallery tradition. It did help to focus our visit in a way that we wouldn’t necessarily approach a general visit, meaning there is wider scope for the same gallery time after time.

Mask at Kelvingrove

Face bowl at Kelvingrove

Crystal glasses at Kelvingrove

We headed to the Bier Halle, thoroughly feeling as though we had had the day away somewhere new. While waiting for our food, we went through the scavenger list revealing our finds one by one. This was a really cool way to not only review the day but to connect with the other’s experiences in a creative way. From there, the conversation moved into our general museum review about what we loved best, but the game had been fun to play together. Honey loved the beer selection (They even had a non-alcoholic beer), and the pizza was nice. The Bavarian pretzels, however, were not Bavarian pretzels. As a Philadelphian who knows her soft pretzels-and has also sampled and approved of Bavarian pretzels in Munich- I would urge caution when ordering these bread-like things with far too much baking soda or lye in the wash process.

Pizza and pretzel at Bier Halle

Beer at Bier Halle

With all the photos of the day, I seem to have focused on faces. I spent the photography day trying to get a better grip on spot metering and actively choosing my white balance. I haven’t quite figured out how to work well with my camera’s white balance settings because they always seem a bit off so I generally shoot in auto white balance. This was fine when iPhoto could easily change the white balance settings in the editing process. Without that app, I am on my own and it is time to figure it out! I do think the photos give a nice idea of our day through my eyes.


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