Bathroom Redo

Our bathroom was gross. The paint used before we moved in doesn’t seem to have been bathroom paint. To top that off, the fan had never worked. We had several different colour test squares painted on the walls for between 6 and 18 months. Honey sanded the mould off the wall once but it just returned  We decided it was time to fix things. 

Old bathroom

While the electrician sent by the landlord was fixing the broken stove switch in December, we asked him to look at and fix our bathroom fan. He took it away to see why it wasn’t working. In January, Honey sanded the wall again and we used a can of anti-mould undercoat followed by an anti-mould bathroom paint. He returned in February with a functioning bathroom fan and fixed our botched attempt at replacing a crumbling ceiling light fitting. Our bathroom was almost complete: we were only missing the new shower door that had less hinges (and therefore places to clean).  A friend came over the other weekend to help us put it up. 

Ignoring the random imperfections around the room (paint in the wrong places, paint missing from the right places, rust stains on the tub thanks to my kilner jar lids, and the ugly toilet seat…), I now present our new and improved bathroom! We were going to put photos of fountains up but have decided to let the walls breathe so that the fan can do its job by properly removing condensation. The plants add enough decoration at the moment. I moved the anthurium from a small plastic pot into a larger distressed terra cotta style pot. The ivy was a Valentine’s Day gift and is thriving here!

Painted bathroom with plants

bathroom tableAfter we removed the unwanted and created a clean space, we were careful to only add back on what we wanted or needed. We didn’t put the rusty shelves back up, have simplified storage, and have decluttered the products in the bathroom. Two woven baskets hold the items we actually need in the bathroom (like nail clippers) and extras toothpaste or soap is now stored in the pantry. On the sink only holds soap, things to clean our teeth, deodorant and a few meds. The tub similarly has had its clutter reduced and is restricted to bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner, razors, a pumice stone, some castile soap and a wine jug of apple cider vinegar.

newly painted bathroom. simplified toiletries

Plant in bathroom. tub with soap.


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