When we went to France for a friend’s wedding at the end of September, it was a beautiful break and it felt like we had walked into another world. The climate was amazing. We left chilly autumn mornings to arrive to 80F weather and full beaming sunshine. We wore sandals and shorts, soaked in the sunshine in our shoulders and felt the beginning outer shell of winter hardness melt away.
We spent time in Bordeaux and wandered, geocached, photographed, talked, dreamed and got inspired.
Some of our highlights…
The trams were wonderful. They were €1.50 for a ticket that could be used for up to an hour, which meant that you can transfer between lines on one ticket. This was a particular novelty considering we had just spent £5 to travel from town to the airport in Edinburgh! The trams connected thCe city really well and only took a bit of map gazing to figure out.
These trees were the only indication that it was autumn, that and the fact that half the people were wearing trousers, and they reminded us to savour the gift of these last beautiful, warm days.
Fountain in Bordeaux, France
This fountain was designed so well that it creates rainbows whenever it is in the sun. That is a smart design! It reminded us a bit of the statues in the Ministry of Magic towards the end of the Harry Potter books, with the humans crawling around on the bottom. It was beautiful in the sunset and at full sun.
Miroir d'eau Bordeaux, France
Miroir d'eau, Bordeaux France
By the river, we came across the Miroir d’eau. It starts with a few minutes of flooding the paved area with water to create a reflective pool. At this stage, it’s great for wading, splashing or dancing. Then, once the water has sat for a few minutes, it begins to mist!
There were faces everywhere…

Bordeaux, FranceBordeaux, France buildingMerman sculpture Bordeaux France building

and the balconies caught my imagination too.

Building in Bordeaux, France

Buildings and balconies in Bordeaux, FranceBalconies in Bordeaux, France

Little sis, this view made me think of you and your French inspired bathroom. I thought maybe you’d add the photo to your collection?

Maison Fondee en 1801. Building in Bordeaux, France

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