Basque Region, France

We drove to the Basque area for the weekend while we were in France and were completely caught off guard by its beauty. Since we arrived in the dark, we had no idea that it was mountainous. We stayed at Maison Olhabidea in Sare, where our friends had their wedding, which was a beautiful farmhouse.

We had breakfast in the sunshine on the back porch, visited a beach nearby (Saint Jean de Luz), visited some caves, and partied until 3am at our friends’ wedding. 

One of the special things about the weekend is that I got to see two friends I hadn’t seen since I studied abroad in Mexico. I got to see one friend’s mother again, which I didn’t think would happen (a woman whose house I visited several times a week to spend time with my friends), and meet the bride’s hubby! It was wonderful seeing them and the mix of languages at the wedding was amusing. It was basically a trilingual weekend, with English, Spanish and French spoken in varying degrees by everyone present. Standing in a group, we would speak in one language and shift to another to accommodate a new arrival. Honey speaks English and some French and I speak English and Spanish and I would find myself speaking at her in Spanish and not realising. It felt good to be able to practice a part of myself that hasn’t had the chance to be expressed over the past decade here in Scotland. 

Mom, the photos of this porch are for you- I think you would have loved it. It was big enough for us to have the wedding dancing there as well! 


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