New Area Rug from Remnant

For years, I occasionally thought about getting roll end carpeting for area rugs but got frustrated when it wasn’t possible to purchase them at the local chain home improvement store. This is where I had purchased them in the US. I simply decided that it was not a ‘thing’ in the UK when I found overpriced off cuts online.

Our laminate board flooring (the type that snaps together) was looking very worn and we do not have the fund to pour into something so cosmetic for a rental. An area rug was the solution. Fortunately, after searching, we found a decently priced website at last. Enter Burts Carpet Remnants!

We ordered a milk chocolatey brown that, upon arrival, we realised matched the carpeting on our stairs. At the haberdashery (yes, my town still has one!) we picked up carpet binding and got to work. With most of the carpet still rolled up, we started at one end. The red lines in the diagram are where we snipped. The dotted lines (The width of our ruler) is where we bent it back. We then taped over the folds to keep it in place. It worked great and we soon had an area rug.

The learning is that the tape was a bit less sticky than duct tape but more expensive, so we agreed that we would just use duct tape on the future.



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