Introducing Adventures With the Funk! 

I have hijacked Riotflower’s blog for a bitI am not some random person, Riotflower refers to me as Honey. I am her wife. So no need to call the blog police!

It was Riotflower who got me into crafting and gave me the support and space I needed to be creative. One area in which I feel more able to explore and grow is my home brewIt all started when, for my 30th birthday, I asked for a home brew kit from my family. I was getting into the craft beers and wanted to try my hand at making my own. It took a while for me to pluck up the courage to open the gift and use it. Initially I used a pack to make ale, I think it was red ale. I had a few pints from it but I had issues with the barrel and it ended up going off- my garden liked it though! I haven’t made ale/beer since but I still use the equipment.

The Christmas after I got the homebrew kit, Riotflower bought me a home brew book from the charity shop and I have experimented with cider and wine since. I have also used pinterest for inspiration and looked into other home brews (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and I want to get into making different thingsLast autumn I did a cider making course and made some successful cider. Before that I had made Apple wine, from the aforementioned book. This was very raw but very crisp and clear. It is currently 18 months old and getting better by the day!


Yes, I have had a couple of disasters and predict a lot more. That’s the fun of learning, at the time is it disappointing but makes you are better brewer.  My most recent problem was a batch of apple and cinnamon wine that went badly mouldy. Previously I tried to make pumpkin spiced wine, but wow, Riotflower and I agreed it tasted like that liquid at the bottom of a dumpster smells. It didn’t even get put in the compost-that went straight down the loo.

At the beginning of 2015 instead of setting myself a new years resolution, I set myself 30 day challenges, like all ‘non-new years resolutions’ it fell by the wayside and I only managed one month of getting back into the gym. My crafting also fell by the wayside and up until now I have done small crochet projects and have a blanket that I am making for my sister and her grape (the baby is due in June so not really the size of a grape anymore), but I wanted to do more. So it is with a small amount of inspiration and a lot of ambition, I plan on making an A-Z of wines/ciders or any homebrew. I am thinking 1 or 2 wine/ciders/homebrews for each letter. This may take some time to complete, some wines themselves will take 6 months to a year of maturing, but I tell you what, the party I’ll throw for finishing this challenge will be rather potent!

Riotflower is helping me launch my new blog that will be the place I stick up my wins, fails and learnings in home brewing and other crafts. I won’t be updating every week but I will be in the back ground, siphoning something, trying not to get it on me. Come and see me at AdventuresWithTheFunk

I guess all that is left is to say ready, steady GO!!

Wish me luck and pray for my eyesight! 



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